Improper jewelry and badly placed piercing (tongue has a lot of nerves and veins) can cause discomfort, nose and nipple irritation, speech problems, broken teeth and outgrown navel piercings.

You might end up spending a lot more on medical bills than you saved on the piercing, local infections can spread through out the body an become life-threatening.

Avoid first jewelry made from sterling silver, gold or nickel silver

Some tattoo studios and even small stalls are offering piercing for RM 20.

Everyday they have to be doing 30 or more piercings everyday to make profit. This is just not probable, so they are going to be forced to cut corners somewhere in the procedure to make a profit. Ask yourself, do you want someone cutting corners with your health and safety to save a few ringgit?

All of our piercing is performed by talented artists with years of training - not just someone starting out. And prices are STILL reasonable.

Please, if you see that people have no idea what they are doing, walk out.

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