Tattoo Price Quotes

Artists are unable to answer design specific questions over the phone. If you want a price quote and are coming in from out of town, email a picture of the tattoo you need information about and someone will return with info on your tattoo questions.

image5381Is it safe to get a tattoo?

Tattooing is perfectly safe when done by a knowledgeable, trained and professional artist. Look at photos to see if the work is neat and lines crisp, straight and balanced.

What can I do to make the experience more pleasant and what could prevent me from getting tattooed?

While getting tattooed rule no 1, relax. This makes the whole process easier on you and the artist. Eat before you get tattooed, the excitement of getting the first tattoo and the anticipation of pain can make your blood sugar flip and you might feel faint. Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs, the only tattoo you’ll get is a size 10 boot-mark on your way out.

I have a scar. Can I get a tattoo to cover it? Or how about covering a tattoo?

Old tattoos can be freshened up or covered and a tattoo is a great way to conceal a scar.

Fr3Things to consider about getting tattooed.

So, when you're choosing a studio, there are several things to take into consideration.

How long has this studio been in business? Are they just opening, or just changing names?