Fr3Things to consider about getting tattooed.

So, when you're choosing a studio, there are several things to take into consideration.

How long has this studio been in business? Are they just opening, or just changing names?

Do they just get business through lots of advertising or return satisfied customers? A real art form needs no yellow pages...

Although the décor will be different, a safe studio will look remarkably similar to a medical office.

A well-run body art studio has a receiving area where clients check-in, wait for their appointment and get their procedure information and after-care instructions.

Work areas are organized and clean. Each studio has medical waste containers for used needles, gloves and other disposable supplies. In safe body art studios, artists have easy access to a sink, soap and water or to waterless hand washing solutions.

Body artists always wear gloves while working on clients. Safe body art studios have an autoclave to sterilize reusable equipment, tools and other supplies.

Ask to see the autoclave and ask how they monitor sterilization effectiveness.

When you visit a body art studio you should see licenses posted in a conspicuous place. Is it clean and well lit? Does it provide client privacy? Are there receptacles for medical waste?

Do they have and use an autoclave to sterilize reusable tools, equipment and body jewelry? Do artists have access to a sink or waterless hand washing supplies?

Do artists use gloves while working on clients? Do tattoo artists dispense inks in small disposable cups? Do body artists use needles rather than piercing guns? Do body artists use disposable needles? Does the studio provide after-care ointment and after-care information

Maybe most important though, think ahead if you want a great piece of artwork on you or just something close to the picture you chose off the wall that is going to be on your body permanently... If you could only have one pair of jeans, you would spend as much as you could afford to make sure they lasted, right

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