Tattoo Price Quotes

Artists are unable to answer design specific questions over the phone. If you want a price quote and are coming in from out of town, email a picture of the tattoo you need information about and someone will return with info on your tattoo questions.

If you live in driving distance, feel free to come in and ask all the question you like and see all the talented artists' portfolios. Email all questions you have and they will be forwarded to an artist to help you. The price of a tattoo is determined by the design, size, and if it is colored or not.

Things to Consider about Pricing

Tattoos are more than just the pattern on the wall. You may see that several studios have the same picture you want on the wall and that there is a different price quoted to you.

Why, you might ask? When you buy a tattoo, or piercing for that matter, you are buying the way the artist will put it on your body, not the actual picture. This involves his/her experience, the products he/she will use in doing your tattoo, how your tattoo heals, etc.

When we quote you the price of a tattoo, it works like this: 10% of the price is for doing the tattoo, 90% is for knowing how to do it.

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